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5 Signs Your Child May Need Occupational Therapy


Occupational Therapy for children can be an important part of a child’s development, as it focuses on skills required to participate in everyday activities. Pediatric Occupational Therapy aims to assist children in becoming as independent as possible in all aspects of life. An Occupational Therapy Practitioner can facilitate in helping children develop the skills and abilities needed to become independent in all areas of life. 

Pediatric Occupational Therapy can help children in various ways, but the first step is identifying how a child could benefit from these services. For example, some children have trouble mastering specific skills that will allow them to navigate their environment independently. When children present difficulty with fine or gross motor skills, sensory processing, visual-perceptual skills, and cognitive development, occupational therapy can help make a big difference.

Below are just a few signs that your child might benefit from Pediatric Occupational Therapy.

1. Difficulty achieving age-appropriate developmental milestones: Occupational therapy can help children who show signs of developmental delays. For example, if your 1-year-old isn’t crawling yet, occupational therapy for kids can help with this developmental delay. Crawling is an important milestone for children to help with bilateral coordination, shoulder stability, core strength/postural control, hand strength, and textural input. If you notice crawling challenges in your child or other developmental challenges, you should inquire about occupational therapy services. 

2. Difficulty with fine motor tasks: Some children may struggle with fine motor tasks requiring finger/hand strength and control, such as writing, scissors, stringing beads, using utensils, and dressing. In addition, some children may present with difficulty using both hands together when playing and need assistance to develop their fine motor and bilateral coordination skills. If fine motor skills are not addressed, this could present difficulties in performing essential activities at school and in the home. 

3. Difficulty with gross motor activities: Occupational therapy can also help children who have trouble with gross motor skills and motor planning, which can affect balance, strength, coordination, and endurance. This can limit a child’s ability to climb up & down stairs, walk, run, and jump.

4. Sensory processing problems: Children with sensory processing disorders can benefit from pediatric occupational therapy. Sensory processing can affect your child’s reaction to touch, taste, smells, or sounds. Children with sensory processing disorders may overreact or underreact and seek out sensations by moving quickly through their environment, touching items around them constantly. If your child has difficulty with self-regulation when over or understimulated, occupational therapy can help with regulation and self-awareness.

5. Social interactions: Social interaction skills help people to have relationships and understand those around them. If your child displays delayed social skills, such as difficulty interacting and engaging with others, difficulty adapting to new environments, delayed language, overly focusing on one subject, and difficulty coping in a school environment. Occupational therapy would be beneficial for your child, as these social skills are an important aspect of life. 

If your child is experiencing delays in any areas listed above, a kids occupational therapist is something to consider. It can help develop the skills needed to succeed in school and later in life. You can contact us at Milestone Therapy Group. Our licensed and qualified children’s occupational therapist in Philadelphia has helped countless children meet their goals! Please feel free to book a consultation with us and let’s get started helping your child discover the path to healthy growth and development.

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