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This is where you stop worrying and begin smiling.

At Milestone Therapy Group, we believe in a simple yet powerful fact of life. The most impossible of goals can be attained by walking towards them, one step at a time. It’s this belief that brought us into existence in the first place. That has seen us growing in our services and success stories with one of the finest teams of children’s therapists. That has kept inspiring us to warmly open our doors to hopeful parents and deserving children over the years.

It’s this belief that’s making us tell you today, now is the time to let go of  those worries. Because we’re now here to make things better for you and your child.

Speech Therapy Services in Philadelphia

Choose the therapy that’ll change your child’s life.

Speech & Language Therapy

To address disorders like stuttering, apraxia, autism and more.

Occupational Therapy

To help improve daily activities as basic as eating, writing, getting dressed and more.

Early Intervention Therapy

To help address developmental delays or disabilities in babies and toddlers aged under
3 years.

Preschool Therapy

To help improve abilities for speech articulation, learning and more, in kids aged between
3 to 5 years.

Kids Therapy

To help kids aged over 5 years to communicate, play, express feelings, make choices
and do more.

What parents love about us.

Custom-tailored programs

We believe every child is unique in his or her own special way. This uniqueness reflects in your child’s behavior patterns, intellectual capabilities, emotional attitudes and of course, everyday habits. This is why, we take care to individualize your child’s therapy program as per your child’s distinct need profile.

Undivided care and attention

While it may make sense to bunch a finite number of children in a classroom, we believe the same approach doesn’t work when it comes to therapeutic nurturing. It’s why, our therapy sessions are between one therapist and one child only. This not only allows the therapist to focus solely on your child’s unique issues but also encourages your child to open up faster and bond better with our specialty therapist.

Play-fun based therapy

Ever noticed how even the most resistant children respond readily to someone who’s cheerful, warm and fun to be with? It’s a proven fact. Children respond better to environments that are designed around fun and play. We blend cutting-edge therapy science with the power of fun and play elements to  maximize the impact of every one of our therapy sessions.

Experiences of Happy Parents.

We absolutely love Ms. Ashley, Kyle and the team. As soon as we walked in for the first time, they welcomed us! My daughter really loves going to see Ms. Ashley. She makes it fun and truly enjoys working with the children! So happy we found this office!


Milestone has been our saving grace! We were unable to get services from our county due to COVID delays and my child’s speech was not getting any better. I reached out to Milestone and have had nothing but a great experience! They even take our health insurance. Happy I found them online!


Unlike larger practices who cycle kids through whichever therapist happens to be available, this practice keeps your child with a consistent therapist, allowing your child to build a strong, trusting connection for the therapy work to thrive. They care sincerely about every child and family that comes through their door.


Milestone Therapy was able to step in and help continue my son's speech therapy when 2020 hit. They were willing/able to offer a safe, productive environment that my son enjoys returning to in order to ensure the gains he's made are maintained, and he continues to improve!


I take my son here for his stutter. Ms. Ashley explained everything to me so thoroughly that I had a better understanding and felt more confident about being able to help my son. She found a technique that helps my son and even set up an account for us to play speech games!


Our experience with Milestone Therapy Group has been nothing short of excellent! Their communication is great and they make themselves readily available to address any questions or concerns. I also loved that I got to speak directly to the Occupational Therapist, Melissa, prior to our first appointment.


Therapists who really care about the kids make all the difference. I have felt this organization cares about each individual child and their needs. They give parent friendly suggestions and use phenomenal strategies during therapy sessions.


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