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A Complete Guide to Occupational Therapy for Children

Occupational therapy can immensely benefit children who need assistance to participate in daily life. Perhaps a child is on the autism spectrum. They might have challenges with sensory input. This may make them have difficulty being in a room with a lot going on. This can impact their ability to learn and focus on school work. Children that have oral sensitivity may find it tough to eat specific foods. Children with muscular weakness may struggle with self-care. Whatever the case may be, occupational therapy may be the answer.

Occupational therapy is a profession that helps individuals participate in everyday activities that give them a source of purpose in their lives. While some activities of daily living for children, such as personal hygiene and self-care, the expectations for a child at each stage of development are specialized, unique, and appropriate to the child’s cognitive and physical development.

A children’s occupational therapist in Philadelphia is required to have a bachelor’s or master’s degree from a school that is ACOTE (Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education) certified and must be licensed. Occupational therapists are professionals that are trained in rehabilitating the body in order to assist individuals with becoming independent in their daily lives. They are trained to evaluate and treat fine motor skill deficits, cognitive ability, processing obstacles, and visual awareness skills, and feeding and eating challenges. Occupational therapy for kids is no different.

Pediatric occupational therapists may treat children from birth through adolescence. Early intervention occupational therapists generally see children up to the age of 5. They may help with teaching young ones to self-soothe, facilitate movement to the child’s developmental stage, improve feeding, help with toilet training, or assist with regulating senses. Working with older children, occupational therapists may work with children to improve their ability to get dressed, do their chores, manage homework/classroom time, socialize with their peers, improve the way that they eat, and so much more.

Child therapy services in Philadelphia often include occupational therapy as an important part of a child’s healthcare team. Knowing what to expect can help ease the transition for a child starting services with Milestone Therapy Group. The child’s occupational therapist will get to know the child at their first appointment, evaluate their needs, and develop a treatment plan. It is helpful for parents to come prepared with any concerns or questions they may have. The first appointment will be a detailed one. The occupational therapist may ask a lot of questions. They will then observe the child and see how they manage their world in the environment of the clinic.

There is a range of possible activities a child may participate in while in occupational therapy. The goal of therapy is to help children become independent and reach developmental targets. In order to accomplish this, therapy may include strengthening, range of motion exercises, games, drawing, practicing fine motor skills, feeding and eating, or even the use of adaptive equipment that will help them gain freedom in their actions.

Those looking for, “occupational therapy for kids near me” or “children’s occupational therapist near me” should look no further than Milestone Therapy Group. At Milestone Therapy Group, therapists know the importance of helping a child succeed. They have the skills and experience to take the child’s function to a higher level and put a smile on their face as they are able to face their world head-on and be triumphant in the process.

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