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See your child
reach new milestones,
one step at a time.

The biggest of changes begin with the smallest of steps. This belief has helped us enable countless children – limited in a multitude of ways, to take confident steps towards a better and happier life. Want to see your child take those life-altering steps? Book an appointment with us either for our in person clinic or virtual session.

Speech Therapy

Hear your child speak without stutter. With Speech therapy for kids that covers disorders from stuttering to apraxia to autism and more.

Occupational Therapy

See your child write with a firm hand. With Occupational therapy for kids that helps improve daily physical activities as basic as eating, writing or getting dressed.

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Imagination Play

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What parents love about our therapy services.

best children's speech therapist

We customize therapy

We first understand your child’s unique issue or challenge and then respond with a program that’s
pediatric speech therapy

Our sessions are one-on-one

Focused attention yields faster and longer-lasting results and so, our therapy sessions are limited to one child only.

pediatric speech therapy in mainline

Therapists who’re fun

Our therapy method involves a
play-based approach to ensure greater child involvement and therefore, faster treatment results. 
children's speech therapy near me

Feel safe with our creds

Our therapy team involves
hand-picked specialists who’re nationally licensed and certified.

Let there be no obstacles in your child’s path to progress.

Many Insurances Accepted.

 Milestone Therapy Group accepts insurance plans to ensure you are able to give your child the best therapy services without having to worry. Milestone Therapy Group will bill your therapy services to your insurance company, once you provide us with all  the necessary information. Please be aware of any exclusions or limitations, benefits, co-payments or deductibles outlined in your insurance plan.

Insurances accepted:

If you don’t have insurance coverage, we can still help your child get the needed therapy with options in affordable private payment. For more details on how you can give your child the best therapy both, with and without insurance, please get in touch with us. 

Like children, our therapy too comes in all sizes.

early intervention therapy

Early Intervention Therapy

See your child learn to crawl, walk, listen, understand and do so much more. With therapy that helps address developmental delays in babies and toddlers under
3 years of age.
best children's speech therapist

Preschool Therapy

Enable your child to communicate better in school. With therapy that helps improve abilities like speech articulation and responding to learning environments in kids aged between 3 to 5 years.

language therapy for kids

Kids Therapy

See your child play with other kids. With therapy that helps improve abilities to communicate, play, express feelings, make choices and do more, in kids aged over 5 years. 

speech therapy Philadelphia

Evaluation and Therapy

We understand your child’s issues and challenges through a comprehensive and accurate evaluation process. The results enable us to create targeted, individualized treatment programs that maximize the power of therapy for your child.

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Experiences of Happy Parents.

We absolutely love Ms. Ashley, Kyle and the team. As soon as we walked in for the first time, they welcomed us! My daughter really loves going to see Ms. Ashley. She makes it fun and truly enjoys working with the children! So happy we found this office!
Nakia J.
Milestone has been our saving grace! We were unable to get services from our county due to COVID delays and my child’s speech was not getting any better. I reached out to Milestone and have had nothing but a great experience! They even take our health insurance. Happy I found them online!
Erin C.
Unlike larger practices who cycle kids through whichever therapist happens to be available, this practice keeps your child with a consistent therapist, allowing your child to build a strong, trusting connection for the therapy work to thrive. They care sincerely about every child and family that comes through their door and as the...
Sarah M.

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