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Is speech and language therapy effective for children with speech and language impairments?

Speech and language impairments include several types of speech and language delays and disorders. Child Speech Therapy Services will target these various impairments and help to identify and treat the prevalence of Speech and Language Impairments. 

Language impairments can range from expressive and receptive language delays, language-based learning disabilities, or Aphasia. Speech impairments include phonological impairments, stuttering, Apraxia and voice disorders. Pediatric Speech Therapy is the most effective way to treat these speech and language impairments in children. Speech Therapists will target the specific impairment and develop goals and lesson plans for your child in order to increase their intelligibility, correct speech sound errors or improve their expressive and receptive language. 

At Milestone Therapy Group we use a play-based approach to speech therapy for kids. Play-based therapy is the best approach to speech therapy for children. It is scientifically proven to help children develop language and keeps children engaged and motivated throughout therapy. Play-based therapy is great because it can be conducted in therapy sessions as well as in the home. We work closely with parents in order to provide strategies for improving speech and language impairments and how to incorporate them into the child’s daily life. 

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