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Early Intervention Occupational Therapy

A Guide to Early Intervention Occupational Therapy


Early Intervention Occupational Therapy can significantly benefit the outcomes of children and young people. Licensed professionals are able to offer a tailored approach to children who display delays in their development or have risk factors associated with developmental delay. 

The term early intervention is used to describe the effective implementation of services and support packages from a young stage in a child’s life. 

What is Early Intervention Occupational Therapy? 

Early Intervention Occupational Therapy is a service provided to children and their families to assist in the development of their cognitive, emotional, and physical capabilities. This type of early intervention therapy is suited to children who may have learning disabilities or have been diagnosed with autism and covers a range of issues such as sensory problems, feeding disorders, and behavioral issues. 

Early Intervention Therapy is a broader term used to describe a wide range of services. Some of these services include speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy, all aimed at improving, engaging, and developing the child. 

The need for these services can be assessed by a licensed professional who is able to carry out assessments on children, evaluate their needs and advise on the best services available for the child. 

Why is it necessary?

A child’s greatest period of development is within the first three years of life. It is therefore essential that children who display cognitive deficits are seen by a registered occupational therapist to achieve positive outcomes. 

Without intervention, children may lack the necessary engagement they require to develop successfully. Occupational therapy is a core component of the developmental pathway and provides the correct equipment, activities, and stimulation that parents and families are not able to achieve.

Studies show that pediatric occupational therapy improves a child’s level of engagement and helps them to participate in activities through a variety of different interventions. 

Where Do I Start?

For those parents who don’t know where to start, it can be a daunting and emotionally distressing period of time. However, the Milestone Therapy Group is a great place to begin.

Early intervention is a family-centered approach, and therefore we offer parents education to help them understand the reasoning behind certain behaviors such as sensory overload/sensory threshold. 

Families will be taught techniques to overcome difficulties and implement coping strategies. We take care to explain the rationale behind what we do so you can implement it effectively later on. 

Our friendly and professional team is on hand to offer advice, guidance, and support for children and their families. We have licensed Speech Therapists and Occupational Therapists available to discuss your needs, complete evaluations and offer the resources you need to enhance your child’s development. 

So if you’re looking for early intervention speech therapy in Philadelphia, PA, mainline or greater Philadelphia area, or believe your child could benefit from any of our other services then please get in contact with us by email or phone. Get the answers you need today.

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