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Teletherapy for children

Learn how Teletherapy can benefit your child


As a parent, ensuring your child receives the best care and support for their developmental needs is a top priority. At Milestone Therapy Group, we understand the importance of consistent therapy and are proud to offer teletherapy services to support children in the Greater Philadelphia area.

What is Teletherapy?

Teletherapy is a form of therapy delivered via video conferencing. This type of therapy provides families with an alternative to traditional in-person therapy sessions and allows children to receive the support they need from the comfort of their own home. Teletherapy allows our speech therapists and occupational therapists share activities via the teletherapy platform being used to provide engaging activities for the child. 

Why choose Teletherapy?

Teletherapy provides numerous benefits for families, including:

Increased accessibility:

With teletherapy, children can receive therapy services from anywhere, at any time. This is especially beneficial for families who may have trouble traveling to appointments or have scheduling conflicts.

Convenient and flexible scheduling:

Teletherapy allows families to schedule therapy sessions that fit their schedules, without the need for travel time or missed school or work. Many families have busy schedules and sometimes unexpected events pop up that may prevent families making their appointments.  

Personalized support:

Our experienced therapists use teletherapy to provide personalized support to each child, based on their unique needs. Our therapists have multiple resources and interactive activities that will be individualized to meet the child’s needs. Our therapists are able to share the activities via the teletherapy platforms and for older children, they are able to activate the activities through remote control through the teletherapy platform. 

What types of therapy are offered via teletherapy?

At Milestone Therapy Group, we offer a variety of therapy services via teletherapy, including:

Speech therapy and occupational therapy. Our speech language pathologists and occupational therapists will use individual activities to meet the child’s goals. Areas that are addressed via teletherapy include communication needs such as expressive language expansion, receptive language activities, increasing speech sound productions, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, gross motor activities and sensory processing. 

How does teletherapy work for speech therapy and occupational therapy?

Teletherapy is delivered via video conferencing, using secure and HIPAA-compliant platforms. During a teletherapy session, your child will interact with their therapist in real-time, just as they would in an in-person session. Our speech therapists and occupational therapists discuss with our families about materials that are helpful to provide the best therapy session. Materials could be scissors, messy play items (i.e. pudding, yogurt, playdoh, cool whip, shaving cream, etc.), crayons, paper, a quiet area to conduct the session and ideas for upcoming sessions. Teletherapy provides our speech therapists and occupational therapists the ability to help with in the moment suggestions and recommendations for extra support at home to provide ideas for how to utilize toys at home, ideas for meal times and daily routines. 

At Milestone Therapy Group, we understand the importance of providing families with access to the best possible care for their children. That’s why we’re proud to offer teletherapy for early intervention therapy, allowing children to receive the support they need from the comfort of their own homes.

To learn more about our teletherapy services or to book an appointment contact us today.

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